Optimizing Buildings and Budgets with BuildingLogiX

Watch the short video below to see why MRG partners with BuildLogiX:


BuildingLogix is a remarkably efficient software system. When you have 125 VAV boxes it becomes extremely difficult to see a problem until something really breaks. With BuildingLogiX tool we can get technicians out to repair equipment and become more efficient.

We took on a third party building that had terrible efficiency problems. I needed to be able to quickly identify where our problem areas were. MRG invited us over and they pulled up BuildingLogiX - it has simple green, yellow, and red so you can see immediately where your problem areas are. There was no reason for us not to try it. What we learned immediately by using the energy logics program that we were turning our equipment on too early. We learned that our building would recover in about 45 minutes in most of our buildings so instead of turning around four we'd turn it on at five. It's definitely reducing the operational expenses of the building in one instance in a building that we installed it paid for itself in less than three years. We were looking going in to save somewhere between five to eight percent in some cases we saved much more than that up to the plastic amount you could go into the program and we could put in a period of date like you know a month ago a sunday through a saturday and then three weeks later we can chart after we made some changes to the equipment or building. We could track that same period - it actually tells us if what we the changes we made really made a difference

When i take the emails and calls from the tenants for me to get our building engineer on site can usually run between half a day to a day for me to be able to have that software wherever i go wherever i am or wherever he is we're able to save two to three hours of drive time because of the size of the building that i am in was extremely difficult and time consuming to train someone. So going to buildinglogix streamlined this and made it much easier for people coming in to learn the system. You're not constantly putting out fires - you're able to diagnose and treat problems with building systems as they occur or before they occur.

It's a remarkably efficient software system that produces remarkably efficient results.


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