Emergency Relief: ClimateCraft Replacement Air Handlers

Healthcare buildings demand reliable HVAC systems for comfort, high indoor air quality (IAQ), and mitigation of potential disease spread.  

Historic hospitals and healthcare buildings face significant retrofit challenges, including space limitations and tight completion schedules. When we need to replace air handling units, time is of the essence.  

ClimateCraft ACCESS replacement air handler units make urgent, seemingly impossible retrofits possible – offering predictable scheduling, coordination, and costs.  

USA-made ACCESS units are customizable and easy to assemble on-site, offering flexibility for different sizes, configurations, and performance needs. 

Consider five reasons why ClimateCraft ACCESS units are the ideal solution for challenging emergency retrofits. 


The solution for urgent replacements

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Healthcare HVAC repair delays are costly – impacting facility operation, finances, and human health. 

The ACCESS air handler units are designed and packaged for quick replacement. This reduces lead times and ensures that your project stays on schedule.  

When you need to replace equipment or renovate historic buildings, ACCESS air handlers are the perfect solution. They fit well, are flexible, and perform superbly, meeting all installation requirements without any mistakes.


Any space, any time

No need to remove walls – ClimateCraft removes the barriers for you. 

ACCESS units are ideal for installations with limited access or obstacles, as they meet performance and space requirements.  

All components fit through standard 36-inch doors and elevators, ideal for even the most space-restricted installations. 

ACCESS unit is tiny and flexible, perfect for tight spaces, places with obstacles, and historic sites with renovation restrictions.  


Contractors Partner  

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ClimateCraft understands and respects the value of your time. 

ACCESS packages and ships air handler units for streamlined on-site installation in the mechanical room.  

Optimized packaging ensured efficient on-site installation. We package components in logical groupings for sorting and organize them for staging, with clear labels for quick identification.

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ClimateCraft supports contractors with replacement air handler projects. They provide assistance, training, instructions, and on-site support. This helps ensure a smooth and successful process.  


Good Vibrations 

ClimateCraft's breakthrough FanMatrix fan towers operate with zero harmonic frequency design. An inertia base reduces vibration and sound issues and offers an impressive 40-year life expectancy. 

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The FanMatrix array can function as a standalone tower. This provides the flexibility to only replace the fans, rather than the entire air handler.  

The new FanMatrix tower is perfect for small spaces. Even more compact and allows for customization for air handling. It has a capacity of up to 250,000 cfm.  

The new tower is smaller than ClimateCraft's regular fan system but still has backup. Additionally, it weighs 30% less than the regular fan system while maintaining the same airflow.  

ClimateCraft offers a five-year warranty on moving parts, giving you confidence in its reliability and performance.


Advanced Tech for Advanced savings    

BalanceStream Technology allows stable operation down to 10% of design airflow and prevents fan surge. You do not need to integrate any additional complex fan cycling control strategies into your control system. 

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The MatrixMonitor System is a cost-effective package for measuring and monitoring fan array airflow. You can use it on its own or in conjunction with a building management system. Continual equipment operation verification improves reliability and serviceability and delivers significant cost savings over the equipment's life. 


Keep calm with MRG

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