MRG Cooling Tower Service: Parts, Maintenance & Rebuilds

Goodtower-logo-w_leaf_png@3x 1Cooling towers are important for many places like schools, hospitals, offices, factories, and data centers to keep things cool. MRG has the parts and knowledge to keep your evaporative units running efficiently for a long time. 

MRG is the sole representative in Middle Tennessee for Mr. GoodTower Service Centers. This division is a part of EVAPCO and specializes in maintaining, repairing, and upgrading cooling equipment.  

MRG's certified technicians help service contractors, operators, and building owners maintain cooling towers for optimal performance. They provide necessary parts and maintenance schedules to ensure the towers run efficiently. 

Partnering with MRG offers several benefits, including: 

Cooling tower maintenance

Free unit inspections

MRG offers free cooling tower inspections conducted by factory-trained personnel, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer. 

These inspections include a comprehensive written report on the state of the cooling unit, including a review of the unit’s existing issues, recommendations for maintenance, repair, and part replacements, potential areas of improvement in energy efficiency, and thermal performance, identifying opportunities to reduce maintenance costs, and exploring water treatment options such as EVAPCO Pulse-Pure and Smart Shield. 

Mr. GoodTower offers a two-year warranty on replacement parts. This warranty is longer than the usual one-year warranty in the industry. EVAPCO parts will make your unit meet or exceed its thermal performance when installed. 

EVAPCO drift eliminators are more efficient than other brands. They can help reduce your unit's water use by five times. MRG can identify the components that will make a huge difference in the long-term operation of your unit.


Ongoing maintenance program

External Fan Inspection

Regular maintenance is essential for the trouble-free operation of any system. It's important to have a reliable partner for maintenance and replacement parts to keep cooling towers running well. MRG Service Centers can be that partner. 

Having MRG as a partner can help prevent downtime and improve performance. 

This is no accident - MRG is proactive about maintenance schedules. We’ll keep track of all the moving parts in any system, including bearing lubrication, belt tensioning, motor, gearbox, and fan maintenance.

MRG’s ongoing maintenance program is a minor investment that reduces operating expenditure and prevents emergency service calls over the life of the unit.

Turnkey tower rebuild


When your cooling tower is losing performance, trust MRG to return it to design specs. We source EVAPCO’s meticulously designed components to rebuild cooling towers from any brand, potentially extending their lifespan by 10-15 years.  

For example, the heat transfer media (known as “fill”) needs to be replaced once or twice during the life of the cooling tower, depending on air and water quality and normal operation. Watch MRG technical expert Jon discuss suitable fill options for optimal performance, longevity, and maintenance. 

With a custom tower rebuild, you’ll get improved water usage effectiveness (WUE), water reduction, and thermal performance at half the cost of a new tower. From fill kits and drive systems to custom upgrades, MRG ensures a headache-free, built-in-place cooling tower retrofit solution that won’t break your budget.  

Vertical Savings and Sustainability

Selective component replacement maximizes return on investment (ROI) by significantly improving unit performance and efficiency while extending the life of your fan coil units.

Repurposing and upgrading is more environmentally responsible – and less costly – than unnecessary new manufacturing, which is energy and resource-intensive.

In addition, reducing unnecessary disposal expenses and landfill contributions provides a sustainable alternative to fan coil replacement.

Any part, any manufacturer, any time!

Keep your cooling towers running efficiently with MRG's comprehensive service. Free inspections, ongoing maintenance, and turnkey rebuild solutions are available. 

MRG is your trusted partner to ensure the long-term viability of your evaporative equipment. Contact us anytime to discuss your cooling tower requirements.