Adiabatic Technology for Data Center Cooling

EVAPCO's adiabatic technology has reshaped cooling solutions by harnessing the efficiency of evaporative cooling while significantly reducing water consumption.

Data centers are the cornerstones of our digital economy, and the demand for advanced computing power is rising rapidly. More powerful systems generate more heat, placing increasing demands on cooling equipment.  

Unmatched Reliability and Parts AccessibilitRevolutionizing Critical Cooling: Adiabatic Technology for Data Centers

With high-density heat loads, data centers present unique challenges that traditionally require high water consumption and energy-intensive cooling solutions.  

Conventional cooling towers use evaporative cooling for 100% of the operating hours. 


EVAPCO's adiabatic technology has reshaped cooling solutions by harnessing the efficiency of evaporative cooling while significantly reducing water consumption. The pioneering eco-Air Series adiabatic model line offers reliable, enhanced system operation – offering the best combination of water usage effectiveness (WUE), power usage effectiveness (PUE), and reduced operating costs. 


The futrure today: Adiabatic cooling 

The conventional solution for high-capacity cooling has been evaporative cooling using cooling towers or dry cooling using fluid coolers, also known as dry coolers. Adiabatic hybrid coolers combine the strengths of both evaporative cooling and dry cooling and eliminate the weaknesses.  


Adiabatic coolers use latent heat transfer from water evaporation to pre-cool entering air, lowering the DBT (dry bulb temperature) and increasing the capacity and efficiency of the adiabatic cooler.  

However, hybrid adiabatic coolers use adiabatic cooling only as needed, such as during peak ambient or high load. Whenever possible, they operate as dry coolers, dramatically reducing water consumption. 


With LWTs (leaving water temperature) similar to cooling towers and other evaporative cooling solutions, hybrid adiabatic coolers provide improved efficiency and significant savings in operating costs. 


Available in 13 through 415 nominal tons, EVAPCO eco-Air adiabatic dry coolers are revolutionizing the industry. 


Consider five reasons why EVAPCO is the industry-leading expert in designing and manufacturing worldwide adiabatic cooling applications. 


1. Every Drop Counts: Industry-Leading Water Conservation  

EVAPCO eco-Air Series cooling systems enable data centers to significantly improve water usage effectiveness (WUE), potentially achieving up to 95% water savings compared to traditional evaporative cooling methods. 


With zero drift, zero blowdown, zero water treatment, and dramatically reduced cooling water usage, hybrid adiabatic coolers reduce water supply requirements, water costs, and the environmental footprint of high-capacity cooling systems. 


This solution is particularly suited to cooling applications in high DB (dry bulb) ambient and high-temperature applications and locations where water supply is limited or costly – a challenge rapidly spreading around the globe. 


2. High Efficiency, Low Operating Costs, and Reduced Carbon Footprint 

EVAPCO's adiabatic cooling solutions offer an average energy efficiency improvement of 30% compared to conventional cooling methods and achieve an ultra-low power usage effectiveness (PUE) target, a significant concern for data centers focused on increased energy efficiency. 


This substantial increase in efficiency decreases operating costs and aligns with the growing demand for sustainable practices. 


With a focus on sustainability, EVAPCO's adiabatic coolers contribute to a reduced carbon footprint. The reliance on natural processes and the avoidance of energy-intensive refrigeration methods supports the environmental goals of modern data centers.  


3. Flexible Operation with Intelligent Onboard Control    

EVAPCO's adiabatic systems are equipped with advanced controls and automation features for simplified fine-tuning and optimization of cooling processes, offering flexibility in operation and adapting to varying load conditions and ambient temperatures. 


Automated controls enable seamless transitions between adiabatic and dry cooling modes, optimizing performance based on real-time factors. Environmental conditions are monitored closely, and real-time adjustments to water flow and other parameters maintain precise temperature and humidity levels. 


EVAPCO's adiabatic coolers feature a sophisticated water distribution system to supply water evenly across the heat exchanger's surface under all operating conditions, promoting efficient evaporation, cooling of the entering ambient air, and heat absorption from the heat exchanger. 


4. Reducing Maintenance and Downtime

Compared with conventional fully evaporative systems, adiabatic systems offer simplified maintenance, reduced service downtime, and lower lifecycle costs. 


Adiabatic cooling minimizes or eliminates scaling, corrosion, and water-borne bacteria. No water treatment maintenance, inspection, testing, or adjustment is required, and if specified as a once-through system, no pump or water basin needs servicing. 


Due to the use of high-efficiency NEMA or EC direct drive fans, no bearings, belts, fans, or fan motors require routine maintenance. 


Finally, the adiabatic pads further reduce service needs by filtering the entering air before it reaches the coil, reducing dirt and debris from fouling or damaging the tube and fin heat exchanger. 


5. Reliable Performance, Guaranteed 

EVAPCO advanced cooling systems are designed and manufactured for predictable, consistent, and dependable operation, giving you peace of mind and optimum operation. 


The eco-Air series adiabatic cooler maximizes dry cooling, mitigating the risk of moisture-related problems such as condensation and corrosion of cooler or adjoining equipment. This design enhances the cooling system's reliability, minimizing the potential for equipment failures and downtime. 


Constructed for long-term durability, eco-unit frames, water distribution trays, and drain channels are built from 304L stainless steel and epoxy-coated aluminum fins as standard, with optional 316 stainless steel construction available. 


Each eco-Air unit is backed by EVAPCO's exclusive 100% thermal performance guarantee and is 100% fully rated for dry performance, setting them apart from other industry adiabatic and dry cooling products.  


Every eco-Air unit is thoroughly tested per CTI ATC-105DS, ensuring confidence and peace of mind when selecting the ideal cooling solution. Eco-Air coolers are IBC Compliant for 1.5 Importance Factor installations and meet the ASME B31.5 pressure piping code and ASHRAE standards. 



Leading Innovation: Learn with EVAPCO 

EVAPCO represents the peak of industry knowledge for cutting-edge adiabatic technology.  


As a leading force in implementing this forward-thinking cooling process for industrial and heavy commercial applications, EVAPCO, with its state-of-the-art research laboratories and skilled engineers, consistently pushes the boundaries in advancing thermal heat transfer design and development. 


Join the industry authority symposium on adiabatic cooling technology to learn more. 


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