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Cooling towers are harsh environments. High humidity, slime, scale, debris, corrosion, and fouling wreak havoc on mission-critical industrial and commercial cooling tower equipment.

The hostile cooling tower environment particularly impacts motors, degrading windings and bearings. Choosing the wrong motor or a low-quality one can cause it to break early. 

WEG, the industry-leading motor manufacturer, provides global solutions for the most demanding applications. The W22 motor range is made for tough jobs and hazardous environments. It has special features designed for cooling tower motors. These features ensure that the motors work well and have a long lifespan. 

Consider 5 Reasons why WEG has a cast iron reputation for reliability. 


Top class performance

Minimize unplanned downtime with WEG industrial motors designed for severe conditions.  

Standard motors are not designed to withstand the environment of cooling towers due to the natural corrosion conditions and high humidity. 

Industry-standard general-purpose motors are typically Open (OP) or Open Drip Proof (ODP). These motors use air to cool down. The air allows moisture, particles, and contaminants to pass over the motor parts, causing corrosion that breaks down motor insulation and leads to premature failures  

All WEG W22 motors are protected from dust and moisture. They have options for higher levels of protection such as IP56, IP65, and IP66. The IP ratings indicate the level of protection offered by motors against dust and water ingress: 

  • IP56: Provides protection against limited dust ingress (not completely dust-tight) and strong jets of water. 
  • IP65: Offers complete protection against dust ingress and low-pressure jets of water. 
  • IP66: Ensures total protection against dust ingress and powerful water jets, with a higher resistance to water pressure than IP56. 

The key difference in IP ratings is the level of dust and water protection, with IP65 and IP66 offering full dust protection, while IP66 and IP56 are more resistant to water jets, with IP66 designed for protection against high-pressure water exposure. 


 The WEG W22 motor is designed for sustained operation in challenging environments, such as cooling towers. It offers protection against hazardous conditions and explosions, features sturdy mounting frames to prevent torque twisting, and includes marine-grade options to extend the life-cycle of the cooling tower motor. 


Dry Motors = Longevity

WEG motors are available with internal space heaters to further combat the demanding moisture-heavy conditions.  

Heaters are used to stop condensation in motors by increasing the dew point when the motor is not in use. This feature is crucial for cooling tower operation because the tower's operation increases the humidity. 

Motors in sizes 586/7T and 588/9T come with space heaters for 220-240 V as standard. There are options for space heaters for all sizes and dual voltage heaters.  


Isolating Insultation


All W22 motors have special insulation called WEG Insulation System Evolution (WISE). This insulation allows the motors to work with variable-speed drives.  

All W22 motors have special insulation called WEG Insulation System Evolution (WISE). This insulation allows the motors to work with variable-speed drives. WISE insulation improves motor performance with several key benefits: 

  • Enhanced Electrical Resistance: Endures high voltages and VFD-induced stresses, reducing insulation failure risks and prolonging motor life. 
  • Superior Thermal Endurance: Designed for higher operating temperatures, providing reliable performance and extending the motor’s life-cycle. 
  • Inverter Compatibility: Custom-made for VFD applications, it efficiently manages voltage spikes and harmonics. 
  • Durability: With improved resistance to moisture and chemicals, suitable for harsh environments, leading to lower maintenance costs and downtime. 
  • Energy Efficiency: Minimizes energy losses, potentially cutting down on consumption. 
  • Global Standards Compliance: Meets international standards, fitting for industrial uses. 


Cast Iron durability

When a motor needs replacement, design and construction qualities are critical. 

Choose the right material for the motor frame to prevent corrosion, vibrations, and damage to bearings. This will help extend the motor's lifespan and prevent stress cracking. 

Many motors in HVACR have rolled steel frames, but WEG's W22 cast iron platform offers superior rigidity. This high-quality frame has a better cooling system and sturdy feet. This helps it run cooler and reduce vibration and noise to prolong the motor's lifespan.  


Weg has you covered - Inside and out


Standard and customized painting and epoxy coating options extend WEG motors' life and corrosion resistance in harsh conditions.  

WEG motor paint finishes provide 240 hours of protection against an ASTM B117-03 saltwater spray test. 

Additional painting options are available for increased protection in challenging environments. One option is internal anti-corrosive painting, which helps maintain insulation integrity in high-humidity areas. This type of painting is designed to withstand tough conditions and prevent corrosion. It is especially useful in areas with high levels of moisture. 


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