Engineering Silence: Mason Industries Floating Floor System

Mason Industries has delivered an elegant solution from their engineers to your ears.

Specifying soundless spaces

Designing serene and functional hotel and resort atmospheres poses a significant challenge, particularly when contending with disruptive noise and vibrations.  

Mason Industries' versatile floating floors offer a revolutionary solution, allowing luxurious spas to peacefully coexist next to fitness rooms or elegant suites adjacent to noisy mechanical rooms. 

In these applications, engineers must balance compact building designs with stringent Sound Transmission Class and Impact Noise Ratings as real estate costs surge. This challenge demands a superior solution, and Mason Industries' Jack-Up Floor Slab System guarantees the utmost acoustic comfort for occupants. 

Consider the challenge in building design: a fitness room, lively restaurant, bustling lobby, and deluxe rooms all need to function without disturbance from each other or external commotion, such as traffic or construction noise. These challenges are commonplace in Nashville, where live performance venues neighbor workspaces and apartments. 

Mason Industries Inc. offers solutions to overcome obstacles and create functional and peaceful spaces. The industry-leading Mason Jack-Up Floor Slab System, with its adaptability and scalability, isolates even the most challenging applications, offering comprehensive floating systems for floor, wall, and ceiling isolation to meet the demands of any project.  

Here are five reasons why Mason's Jack-Up Floor System is the optimal choice for the hospitality industry: 


The Noise and Vibration Mitigation Experts

Mason Industries has decades of unmatched expertise in researching, specifying, constructing, and educating the industry on sound, vibration, and impact isolation.  

They have "written the book" on isolation specifications and success. Initially published in 1962, their design and engineering specifications have been continually tested and refined to meet the evolving demands of the most challenging applications. 


Mason Jack Up Floor Systems: Setting New Standards in Noise Isolation

The Mason Jack-Up floor slab features a unique design utilizing jackscrews to lift the floor and create the principal isolator: an air gap. This air gap acts as a barrier to sound waves and separates vibrating structures, with customizable slab thickness and air gap sizes ranging from 1” to 4” to match application demands.  

See the construction sequence here: Jack-Up Sequence


Engineered Precision: Tailored Solutions for Noise Suppression

Mason Industries offers a comprehensive range of solutions to combat diverse noise and vibration sources in various design environments. Customizable solutions meet project design challenges, from acoustical wall shields and floor mounts to specialized acoustical caulking and concrete or floating floors. 

Mason Industries specializes in effectively mitigating construction, railway, and heavy traffic noise and vibration, ideal for urban hotels and buildings. The Jack-Up Floor Sytem's revolutionary design prevents downward or upward vibration transmission and provides complete building vibration isolation and superior sound insulation. 


Revolutionize Acoustics with Dynamic Performance Soundproofing 

Mason’s Jack-Up mount supports utilize specialized Low Dynamic Stiffness rubber (LDS), a time-tested low-frequency and exposure-proof structural material at a lower cost.  

This innovative approach ensures superior soundproofing by absorbing ambient noise and vibration frequencies rather than allowing them to pass through, unlike other soundproofing methods that use multiple, closely spaced supports. 


Unparalleled Performance, Unbeatable Value

Using high-deflection free-standing spring isolators, Mason Industries enhances soundproofing with fewer support points, reducing potential sound transmission paths without imposing significant weight or expense. This superior performance at a lower cost offers unbeatable value for engineers and designers seeking to elevate guest experiences. 


Elevate Your Peace with MRG & Mason Industries Embrace the Future

At MRG, we understand the critical challenge of designing spaces insulated from surrounding noise and vibration.  

In partnership with Mason Industries, MRG can assist you in designing the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for sound insulation and impact noise reduction in buildings.