Make a Splash with DHT ST Hot Water Heaters

Step into the future with Diversified Heat Transfer, Inc.’s revolutionary ST indirect hot water heaters.

The standout design of the ST series provides a simplified solution for engineers, contractors, and building owners – optimize small spaces, retrofit with ease, replace parts quickly, and keep your customers happy.

Unmatched Reliability and Parts Accessibility

The DHT ST Series provides a water-heating solution that combines high-recovery capacity, compact footprint, reliability, and comfort.  

DHT's products, featuring steam and hot water indirect heating, are perfectly suited for places like hotels, hospitals, dormitories, and correctional facilities. These applications have a constant need for large amounts of hot water over extended periods.  

The ST series, in particular, stands out for its quick installation and speedy return-to-service. It also offers precise temperature control and can be easily integrated into nearly any building automation system.   


Consider five reasons why MRG maintains an extensive stock of DHT ST series parts to ensure you deliver on your promise of optimal client comfort.


1. Advanced Engineering for Minimal Client Disruption  

For facility managers and mechanical contractors, DHT offers easy-to-use systems with straightforward controls and common parts. This approach ensures rapid service and minimizes downtime, saving time and money.  

Unlike systems with proprietary parts, DHT's ST models use industry-standard components, simplifying maintenance and ensuring quick access to replacement parts. MRG supports this with a ready stock of essential parts for immediate needs.


2. Designed for Rapid Installation and Service  

Save significant time and money with the innovative ST tube bundle, which can be removed and serviced or replaced without re-piping.  

Fully packaged solutions offer single-point connections and an impressively compact footprint that fits through standard doorways, ensuring a hassle-free installation.  

The Advanced Electronic PID controller with touchscreen offers a simplified user interface that seamlessly integrates into building management systems (BMS), enabling ease of commissioning and continual building operation.


3. Hot Topic: Securing Safety and Comfort 

Domestic hot water supply temperature is crucial. You can trust the reliable ST series to accurately and consistently meet customer temperature needs.  

The ST series is equipped with an advanced digital feed-forward intelligent controller and precise modulating control valves.  

These components actively monitor and instantly adjust to changes in both inlet and outlet water temperatures. This responsiveness prevents dangerous temperature fluctuations.  

Such advanced design is key in meeting essential health and safety standards, including scald protection and sanitization needs.  

It also ensures the system consistently complies with code requirements, like the safety requirement of a maximum 120°F leaving water temperature.


4. Behind the Blue Cover  

The steam-to-water and water-to-water systems are carefully encased in a stainless-steel shell, available in both single and double wall copper tube bundles, guaranteeing durability and leak-free performance.  

The ST series controller optimizes water velocity and maintains an ideal pressure drop across the tube bundle. Such optimization enhances heat transfer rates, prevents scale build-up, and ensures these systems outperform traditional hot water heat exchangers.


5. Small but Mighty

The ST series is designed for areas with limited space. It offers the option of either vertical or horizontal installation, making the most of valuable floor space and easing the process of retrofits.  

When set up vertically, the tube bundle is serviced from below, allowing the unit to take up just 4 sq. ft. of floor space and eliminating the need for overhead maintenance clearance.

Such thoughtful design considerations help save crucial space in mechanical rooms and provide retrofit solutions in situations where conventional equipment would struggle to fit within the required service clearances.  


American Craftsmanship 

Based in Towaco, New Jersey, DHT takes pride in its all-American approach, encompassing engineering, design, manufacturing, and production.  

DHT's products come with a strong warranty and meet the highest standards, ensuring both durability and longevity. By focusing on American manufacturing, DHT not only simplifies supply chain challenges but also proudly supports skilled American jobs and production. 


Flow with us!

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