MRG is your Daikin Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) Distributor

A Daikin WSHP delivers on short-term serviceability and long-term comfort.

Mechanical Resource Group is your dependable partner for Daikin Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP). Daikin is well-established as a leading water source heat pump manufacturer, with a comprehensive history of installed equipment in many commercial HVAC applications, including educational and office buildings, hospitality, and healthcare facilities. 

A Daikin WSHP should last 15–20 years, though all HVAC equipment eventually requires service and repair. MRG knows that owners, operators, and technicians need the right parts – available and in stock – to make repairs quickly.  

That’s why the team at MRG is standing by to rapidly source the Daikin WSHP equipment or parts you need to make same-day repairs, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum occupant comfort. 



Daikin water source heat pumps offer reliable operation for commercial spaces where short-term comfort is key. Hotels benefit from its decentralized approach for multi-zone comfort. By having multiple units distributed throughout the building, occupants can adjust temperature according to their preferences. Daikin WSHPs are an excellent heat transfer solution for hotel retrofits or emergency replacements. 

Condo, high-rise, and assisted living facility owners also choose Daikin WSHPs for their many long-term operational benefits. These include energy efficiency, lower seasonal operating costs, hassle-free operation, and responsive, intuitive occupant comfort. 



Extensive Inventory: MRG maintains an inventory of in-stock parts and replacement units for Daikin water source heat pumps. We aim to have the part you need on our shelf. If not, we can procure it quickly. 

Same-Day Service: Let us help you save valuable time by quickly getting the right part into your hands. MRG strives to minimize downtime and the turnaround time required to begin repairs.   

Best Value: MRG maintains competitive pricing for service parts and equipment. 

Speedy Response: MRG maintains a full staff dedicated to quickly responding to your inquiries. These knowledgeable team members are standing by their email, ready to locate the needed parts, answer your questions, and assist in completing same-day orders.  

The Right Choice: Ensure your repairs are done properly and thoroughly the first time. An OEM part replacement is the best option to return the equipment to full capacity, efficiency, and reliability. MRG will help you source the exact part or replacement unit you need. 



Daikin offers water source heat pumps in a variety of sizes, mounting positions, and both horizontal and vertical configurations, making them versatile enough for any space or application. MRG has the most popular configurations and OEM parts in stock in our Nashville warehouse.  

Make MRG your first and last call for Daikin water source heat pump parts and replacement units. Contact the MRG parts counter team for competitive pricing and to place an order at 615-921-4700 or email