Advancing Energy Efficiency: The Wilo-CO MVI High-Efficiency Pumps

For 150 years, Wilo hydronic products have delivered increased operational reliability, improved energy efficiency, exceeded environmental requirements, and simplified commissioning.  

The Wilo-CO MVI series delivers optimized water supply for a wide range of applications including residential and commercial facilities, by using high-efficiency, high-flow rate multistage variable capacity centrifugal pumps in a vertical design with in-line piping connections. 

Common applications include:


  • Domestic water supply and pressure boosting 
  • Water supply
  • Agriculture
  • Washing and sprinkling systems
  • Cooling circuits
  • Condensate return

Consider 5 reasons why designers and facility managers appreciate the dependable and innovative features integral to Wilo pumps.  


Versatile compatability

Specifying pump characteristics to match system-specific requirements is critical for optimal performance and comfort. Various factors should be considered, including system curve, static and dynamic head, flow rate, vibration, and noise control. 

The CO MVI series is rated for fluid temperature ranges of -4°F to +248°F and a max operating pressure of 232 or 363 PSI.  

Available in 3-phase 208-230/460/575 VAC, with IP55 class ingress protection and flanged connections rated at ANSI Class 150 or 300, Wilo-CO MVI pumps provide versatility to meet diverse design requirements. 


Efficiency with Optimized Flow

The CO MVI series upgrade option of an integrated variable speed drive (VFD) and Totally Enclosed Fan-cooled (TEFC) motor for optimum energy efficiency delivers an efficient motor and control system. 

Available as single or parallel pumps resulting in increased flow capacity and redundancy. The CO MVI has variable speed control, run-time balancing, and adjustable low-pressure cut-out safeties, ensuring optimal operation and water pressure control. 

Wilo's superior design and manufacturing deliver powerful performance in any condition, delivering long-term energy savings. 


Designed for Integration and System Uptime 

The design of Wilo-CO MVI pumps enables ease of integration and maintenance, simplifies inspection, and reduces downtime and overall operating costs.  

CO MVI pump’s advanced technology simplifies control system integration with onboard Modbus and optional BACnet™ & LonWorks® interface. 

Intelligent control technology, including full system kWH energy reporting, real-time diagnostics, and remote monitoring, delivers improved performance and ease of control. 

Once installed, it is necessary for high-efficiency pumps to receive ongoing maintenance of components such as impellers, seals, and bearings to detect wear and tear that can impact efficiency and capacity. 

Wilo-CO MVI pumps offer a compact design and easy access for maintenance, even within space-restrictive mechanical rooms.  


Longevity and Reliability

Wilo's established reputation for reliability ensures peace of mind when specifying equipment. 

The continuous circulation of fluids causes wear and corrosion, which degrades pump components over time, causes inefficiencies and potentially requires more frequent maintenance. 

The CO MVI series' superior design and manufacturing provide long-term resilience and reliability. It includes a heavy-duty pump base and tungsten carbide/EPDM or Viton®/FKM mechanical seal options. 

With NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 certified for potable and low lead applications, the durable and corrosion-resistant construction of all 304 stainless steel and EPDM/FKM elastomers ensures longevity and reliability, maintaining system performance and reducing the need for premature replacements or repairs.  


Health and Safety Compliance

Drinking water purity is critical in systems where the pump handles potable water, such as domestic water supply systems. Components in contact with the fluid must meet stringent health and safety standards.  

The Wilo-CO MVI pump's NSF/ANSI-61 and 372 certifications for potable and low lead applications, including EPDM seal selection, assures compliance with potable drinking water regulations, which is critical for acceptance and use.  


We Flow with You 

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