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Mechanical Solutions

Father Ryan High School in Nashville, TN, is a 30 year old physical plant with a number of units all throughout the campus. The facility had several specific problems that needed to be addressed such as humidity in the athletic field house and lots of downtime in mechanical.

Watch the short below to see how MRG provided a complete solution that managed Father Ryan’s entire fleet of machinery, making sure that every piece is working properly, it's working efficiently and that they are saving every dollar that they can:


"MRG's response time is great, their access to leadership is great, and the technology and kind of intellectual capacity behind what they do makes us have a high confidence level in our air quality and the safety and security for our students.”

“MRG was able to uncover problems that we didn't even know we had. To know that we have experts in the field handling this large investment of equipment - every guarantee, every promise they've made they've delivered on. MRG is a great partner in helping us to deliver our mission which is to provide a healthy, safe environment at a reasonable price.”

To learn how MRG can help you with a comprehensive solution across your entire facility, contact us today:
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